Monthly Archives: May 2016


Training Workshop on Ocean Observations & Data Applications

Posted May 27, 2016

To continue the progress gained at last year’s Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP) workshop (PI-1), more than 30 attendees gathered in Noumea, New Caledonia, to further discussion ocean observations...

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Tiger Shark Study Reveals Findings

Posted May 19, 2016

Shark researchers Dr. Carl Meyer, Dr. Kim Holland and their student team from the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) at the University of Hawai’i completed a study to...

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Majuro Wave Buoy Now Back Online

Posted May 07, 2016

The PacIOOS wave buoy off Majuro, Marshall Islands, was successfully redeployed this month. The buoy was sent to sea with blessings from our partners, including the National Weather Service...

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Did you know?

PacIOOS is the first regional association that was certified as a Regional Information Coordination Entity (RICE) by the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS). Certification provides NOAA and its interagency partners a means to verify that a regional association’s organizational and operational practices, including data management, meet recognized and established standards set by NOAA.