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Meet the PacIOOS Team

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Melissa Iwamoto

Director and Principal Investigator

Melissa oversees the execution of PacIOOS, collaborating with staff, partners, and users to advance our strategic goals across the region.


Yi-Leng Chen

Co-Investigator: Atmospheric Modeling

Yi-Leng oversees the improvements and maintenance of the atmospheric forecasting system.


Kwok Fai Cheung

Co-Investigator: Wave Modeling

Fai oversees the enhancement and maintenance of the wave forecasting system.


Steve Colbert

Co-Investigator: Water Quality Buoys

Steve manages the water quality buoys on Hawai’i Island and collaborates with other PacIOOS projects.


Simon Ellis

Co-Investigator: Pacific Islands Coordinator

Simon serves as the liaison for the Federated States of Micronesia and coordinates the implementation of projects in the insular Pacific.


Pierre Flament

Co-Investigator: High Frequency Radars

Pierre leads the development and installation of High Frequency Radar instrumentation to collect surface currents in real-time.


Kim Holland

Co-Investigator: Animal Telemetry

Kim leads the "Sharks as Oceanographers" program and collaborates on other telemetry projects.


Melanie Hutchinson

Co-Investigator: Animal Telemetry and Acoustic Data

Melanie develops the Pacific Islands Region Acoustic Telemetry Network and leads tagging efforts of the Hawai‘i Community Tagging Program.


Douglas Luther

Co-Investigator: Coastal Modeling

Doug's group develops and validates models for short- and long-term forecasts of wave-driven run-up, coastal flooding and harbor surges.


Margaret A. McManus

Co-Investigator: Wave Buoys and Nearshore Sensors

Margaret supervises staff and students, and oversees activities and budgets for the Wave Buoy and Nearshore Sensor Groups.


Carl Meyer

Co-Investigator: Animal Telemetry

Carl leads the regional animal telemetry capacity building initiative and collaborates on the “Sharks as Oceanographers” tagging program.


Jim Potemra

Co-Investigator: Data Management

Jim leads the Data Management team, oversees PacIOOS' data infrastructure, and ensures data quality standards are met.


Brian Powell

Co-Investigator: Ocean Circulation Modeling

Brian oversees staff and students to enhance and expand the ocean modeling forecasting system, and to develop new biogeochemistry models.


Kelley Anderson Tagarino

American Samoa Liaison

Kelley serves as the liaison for American Samoa, engages with local stakeholders, and maintains the water quality nearshore sensor.


Assaf Azouri

Physical Oceanographic Research Specialist

Assaf conducts coastal wave modeling and validation to create and maintain harbor surge, wave run-up, and inundation forecasts.


Lindsey Benjamin

Marine Instrument Specialist

Lindsey writes open source software for high-frequency radar systems and collaborates on instrument installations and operations.


Laura Biggs

Guam Liaison

Sarah Bingo

Biological Data Specialist

Sarah identifies, manipulates, and ingests regional biological datasets into national database standards to meet program objectives.


Peter Felicijan

Oceanographic Technician Assistant

Peter performs daily sensor checks, sensor maintenance, and assists in deployments for PacIOOS' Nearshore Sensor Group.


Ian Quino Fernandez

HF Radar Technician

Ian supports the maintenance, operation, and calibration of high-frequency radar systems throughout the PacIOOS region.


Spencer Frawley

Marine Buoy Technician

Spencer coordinates and performs routine maintenance on both the Hilo and Kawaihae water quality buoys located on Hawai‘i Island.


Tobias Friedrich

Ocean Model Research Scientist

Tobias oversees the ocean modeling forecast system and researches ways to predict the ocean, its ecosystem and carbon cycle around Hawai‘i.


Sonja Giardina

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sonja works on machine learning techniques for predicting stream outflow.


Joe Gilmore

Data Systems Management

Joe manages the PacIOOS Datacenter, including virtual machines, data storage, and IT security; and supports field operations.


Nathaniel Greenwald

Marine Buoy Technician

Nathaniel performs routine maintenance on both the Hilo and Kawaihae water quality buoys located on Hawai‘i Island.


Martin Guiles

Physical Oceanographic Research Scientist

Dr. Martin Guiles works on forecasting coastal hazards through observations and modeling of the nearshore environment.


Olivia Hughes

Student Laboratory Assistant

Olivia performs wave buoy maintenance at the lab, assists with wave buoy deployments/recoveries, and analyzes Hawai‘i wave buoy data.


Feng Hsiao

Post-doctoral Researcher

Feng maintains, improves, and validates PacIOOS' real-time atmospheric forecasts under the supervision of Dr. Yi-Leng Chen.


Koden Lebehn

Capacity Building Liaison Officer

Koden builds ocean observing capacity across Micronesia by training communities in oceanographic data collection and analysis.


Ning Li

Ocean Wave Model Systems Specialist

Dr. Ning Li maintains and enhances the operational wave forecast system to provide daily 7-day forecasts for Pacific Island communities.


John Maurer

Data System Engineer

John develops front and back end solutions, from data visualization and access tools on our website to managing data servers and data sets.


Jason Miller


Kimball Millikan

Marine Research Engineer

Kimball manages the operations of the PacIOOS Wave Buoy program, including new deployments, buoy maintenance, and boat operations.


Philip Moravcik

Instrument Technician

Philip assists with the installation and maintenance of high-frequency radar systems.


Andreia Queima

Oceanographic Technician

Andreia supports wave buoy operations, including device maintenance, mooring design/fabrication, logistics, and field operations.


Max Sudnovsky

Marshall Islands Liaison

Max engages with local partners in the Marshall Islands and supports the maintenance of the wave buoy and nearshore sensor.


Camilla Tognacchini

Graduate Student

Camilla is a graduate student in physical oceanography, collecting observational data to enhance wave run-up and inundation forecasts.


Gordon Walker

Oceanographic Technician

Gordon manages data and a suite of instruments for the Nearshore Sensor Group and the Water Quality Sensor Partnership Program.


Shaun Wriston

Oceanographic Technician

Shaun performs maintenance, deploys, and analyzes data for the Nearshore Sensor Group and the Water Quality Sensor Partnership Program.


Chip Young

Operations Coordinator

Chip supports PacIOOS operations through coordinating the implementation of ocean monitoring projects across the Pacific Islands region.