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Data server:

Map viewer:

Developed by: community-driven, GeoServer info , GeoExplorer info


PacIOOS administers GeoServer and the associated GeoExplorer map interface to serve GIS layers for the insular Pacific.

Suggested use:

  • Download or access GIS data.
  • Search and browse multiple layers in the interactive GeoExplorer map interface.


  • GeoServer supports several output formats and OGC data services.
  • Interactive GeoExplorer map interface provides a selection of basemaps, utilties, and other features: drag/pan, double-click to zoom, query layers at a clicked location, etc.
  • Search for data sets or drill-down by named region in GeoExplorer.
  • Import external data sets from other organizations who provide Web Map Services (WMS). For instance, Doppler or other layers offered through NOAA nowCOAST WMS or PacIOOS WMS offerings via TDS or ERDDAP.


  • GeoExplorer does not yet provide the ability to download data (use GeoServer instead) or to bookmark the existing map view (both features are in development).
  • Mapped layers cannot yet span the international dateline (antimeridian) in GeoExplorer.
  • Does not yet support time series.

Data offerings:

  • GIS layers for the insular Pacific.
  • While our other data servers focus primarily on providing real-time observations and forecasts, GeoServer provides static maps of various boundaries, locations, imagery, and other geospatial features. In terms of the data sets provided, there is little-to-no overlap between GeoServer and our other data servers.


Data types:

  • grids
  • points
  • lines
  • polygons


Output formats:

  • Shapefile
  • GeoTIFF
  • KML
  • GML
  • ASCII text: comma-separated values (CSV)
  • PDF
  • GeoJSON
  • GeoRSS
  • AtomPub
  • SVG
  • OpenLayers


  • various formats and completeness, depending on original data providers.


  • GeoExplorer
  • OpenLayers

Additional features:

  • search, select, and map multiple layers in GeoExplorer
Data Interoperability

Plug-and-play with PacIOOS data in your chosen software or programming language using standardized web services protocols like OPeNDAP, Web Map Service (WMS), NetCDF Subset Service (NCSS), and other open access methods. Please contact us at if you have any questions!