Northward Geostrophic Sea Surface Velocity ("V")

The speed and direction of ocean currents at the sea surface due to geostrophic flow: differences in pressure or sea level that get balanced by the Earth's motion (Coriolis force). Estimated using satellite altimetry-derived sea height anomaly (SHA) values and a climatological mean dynamic height field. AVISO data are available here on a near real-time basis with a 2-day average delay. These data are provided by the NOAA CoastWatch Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico (CWCGOM) and NOAA Atlantic OceanWatch Regional Nodes. The maps shown here are generated by interpolating SHA data corresponding to a 10-day period ending on the selected date. More information here.

dates available: 2016 - present

spatial resolution: 0.2° (~20 km)

data archive: