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2024 Newsletter

March 2024 – Wave Buoy Outreach in the FSM | Palau Green Climate Fund Project | MINA’s Community Recycles Plastics Program | HCBC Website Launch | New Oceanographic Technician Sarah Shows | Using a ROMS Model to Predict Coral Heat Stressors

February 2024 – Backyard Buoys All-hands Meeting | Ciguatera Workshops | Mahalo to 500 Sails | King Tides | PRiMO Conference in Saipan | Meet Uggo Ferreira De Pinho

January 2024 – RMI Backyard Buoys Deployment | Hawaiian Islands Saildrone Survey Completed | Ami Vice Joins Ocean Discovery League Team aboard NOAA Research Vessel Okeanos Explorer | Coral Reef Resilience Project Published in Ciencias Marinas | NOAA CoastWatch Satellite Course | Meet PacIOOS’ New High Frequency Radar Technician Johanna Saavedra | Meet PacIOOS’ New RMI Liaison Voneric Boktok

2023 Newsletter

December 2023 – Happy Holidays from PacIOOS

November 2023 – Ocean Science to Service Workshop | Coral Reef Research Foundation Invasive Species Workshop | Hawaiʻi Community Tagging Program | Meet PacIOOS’ New Communications Specialist Nicole Guiles | Meet PacIOOS’ New Undergraduate Research Assistant Talofa Fe’a | Artist Jana Ireijo

October 2023 – American Samoa Sea Level Rise Viewer Launched | Pacific Ciguatera Network | DAR Protected Species Program | Tanapag and Palau Wave Buoys Redeployed | Meet PacIOOS’ New Data and Products Developer Chris Olson | Meet PacIOOS’ New Oceanographic Technician Travis Vick | 2023 Governing Council Meeting

September 2023 – Shark Depredation in Guam Premiere on Voice of the Sea | SOEST Open House Returns in October! | Pauwela Wave Buoy Redeployed | Meet PacIOOS’ New Data Management Specialist Lauren Kaiser | Meet PacIOOS’ New Full Stack Developer Marcos Nobre | PacIOOS Governing Council Member Election Results

August 2023 – Trilogy Excursions | Waimea Bay and Kāneʻohe Bay Wave Buoys Redeployed | Discover a World of Ocean Data With PacIOOS Voyager | Meet PacIOOS’ New Engagement Coordinator Meagan Curtis Hattori | Meet New Palau Liaisons Sharon Patris and Gerda Ucharm

July 2023 – Yap Marine Island Ecology Course | Pacific Islands Indigenous Science Competition | New MapCO2 Buoy Deployed off Maui | Meet PacIOOS’ New Physical Oceanographic Modeling Specialist Fatima-Zahra Mihami | Cooper Lund Turbidity Research

June 2023 – PacIOOS Completes Seaglider Mission | Nearshore Oceanography During Typhoon Mawar | Hawaiʻi Community Tagging Program | PacIOOS Partners in Action in American Samoa | Hawaiʻi King Tide Project July Data Collection | Multi-domain Awareness and Security in the Indo-Pacific Ocean

May 2023 – Regional Ocean Model for the Western Pacific | Typhoon Mawar Impacts Guam | Backyard Buoys Project Deploys First Buoy | Meet PacIOOS’ New RMI Liaison Andrew McInnis | New Funding to Improve Atmospheric Forecasts in Guam and the CNMI | PacIOOS Executive Committee Meeting

April 2023 – Shark Tagging Workshop | Hanalei and Waimea Wave Buoys Redeployed | Ocean Chemistry Data Now Available in PacIOOS Voyager | Meet PacIOOS Ocean and Coastal Ecosystem Health Specialist | Congratulations Camilla Tognacchini! | Job Opening: PacIOOS Data and Product Developer

March 2023 – Tara Owens Receives IOOS Caraid Award | Saildrone Data Available Soon in PacIOOS Voyager | Kalaeloa Barbers Point Wave Buoy Redeployed | Majuro Wave Buoy Redeployed | Meet New PIRAT Network Graduate Assistant | Meet New Website and Data Developer

February 2023 – Partner Engagement on Guam | Young Brothers Gratis Shipping Support | RMI EPA Water Quality Lab Recertification | Marine Heatwave Data Layer Now Available in PacIOOS Voyager | WETS Wave Buoy Redeployed | Ongoing Wave Buoy Maintenance | Meet PacIOOS New Water Quality Field Technicians! | Job Opening: PacIOOS Data Management Specialist

January 2023 – CNMI Ocean Observing Workshop | Regional Ocean Data Sharing Initiative (RODSI) | Environmental Sensitivity Index Layers now available in PacIOOS Voyager | PacIOOS Shares Tools at Hawai’i Climate Week | Meet PacIOOS’ Nearshore Sensor Lead Research Technician | A Hui Hou, Gordon!

2022 Newsletter

December 2022 – Happy Holidays from PacIOOS

November 2022 – 10-Year Outlook | Sharks Serve as Mobile Oceanographers | Bringing Together the IOOS Community | 12th Radiowave Operators Working Group Meeting | OTN Symposium | Meet New FSM Liaisons

October 2022 – Nearshore Sensor Deployed in Awak, U, Pohnpei | Now Hiring: Web Data/Product Developer | Enhancing Oceanographic Services for Palau | Ocean Observing Workshop on Saipan | Meet PacIOOS Wave Buoy Specialist

September 2022 – Pauwela Wave Buoy Redeployed | Governing Council Membership Update | Backyard Buoys Awarded Cooperative Agreement with NSF | WPRFM Council Meetings | NOAA HSRP Public Meeting | 14th Marine Technology Society Buoy Workshop | Aloha New Deputy Director

August 2022 – Backyard Buoys Co-Production Workshop | New Opportunity with UH Sea Grant and PacIOOS | New Tool to Plan for Coastal Flooding in West Maui | Chain Donation from Young Brothers | Welcome, New Communications Coordinator

July 2022 – PacIOOS Governing Council Executive Committee Meeting | Aloha to New MOA Partner, 500 Sails | Lānaʻi Wave Buoy Redeployed | New Satellite Tag on Shark Provides Ocean Data | Coral Reef Resilience in Guam and American Samoa

June 2022 – Deployment of Wave Buoy in Palau Improves Monitoring of Ocean Conditions | Join the NSF Expo: Accelerating Solutions for Societal Impact | Ritidian, Guam Wave Buoy Swapped Out | Citizen Scientists, Submit Your Photos of King Tides | PacIOOS Wind Forecasts Enable Safer Oceanographic Expedition | Welcome to new Guam Liaisons! | A hui hou to Max Sudnovsky

May 2022 – Tanapag Wave Buoy Redeployed off Saipan | Land-based Acoustic Receivers Improve Animal Tracking off Hawaiʻi Island | Pacific Islands Region Acoustic Telemetry Network Established | Tsunami Hazard Tool Developed for Hawaiʻi, American Samoa, Guam Harbors | Disclosures of Sea-level Rise Risk Required in Hawaiʻi Real Estate Transactions | A hui hou to Simon

April 2022 – Hilo Water Quality Buoy redeployed and providing data | Ocean Biodiversity Information System Workshop | Invited presentation at Tropical Cyclone Conference | New Addition to the PacIOOS Nearshore Sensor team | Olivia Hughes hired as Oceanographic Technician with Wave Buoy team | PacIOOS undergraduate student selected for prestigious NOAA Scholarship | A hui hou, Joe Gilmore

March 2022 – PacIOOS Data Management Team is hiring! | Kalaeloa Barbers Point Buoy now provides surface current data | IOOS Association Executive Director retires | IOOS Spring Meeting | IOOS to mentor during Google’s Summer of Code | Economist Impact feature story: No blue economy without ocean observations | Welcome, Voneric, student intern in Majuro!

February 2022 – PacIOOS is Hiring! | Mākapu wave buoy redeployed | Pauwela, Maui wave buoy swapped, data public again | Ritidan, Guam wave buoy redeployed | PacIOOS at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022 | Hafa Adai, Robbie and Becky, CNMI Liaisons!

January 2022 – PacIOOS Governing Council Meeting | Water Quality Sensors featured in Oceanography Magazine | Fagatele Bay Ocean Acidification Buoy is Operational | Successful Pearl Harbor Wave Buoy Swap & Waimea Bay Redeployment | Pacific Symposium for Science and Sustainability | IOOS Ocean Enterprise Study | Welcome to PacIOOS’ Data Manager for Acoustic Telemetry Node

2021 Newsletter

December 2021 – Happy Holidays from PacIOOS

November 2021 – PacIOOS Pago Pago High Sea Level Forecast Back Online | Hilo Wave Buoy Redeployed | NSF Accelerator Funding to Improve Ocean Data Access for Indigenous Coastal Communities | Conservation Society of Pohnpei recovers rain gauge | Aloha to New MOU Partner: The Pacific Community (SPC) | Job Opening Coming Up: PacIOOS Wave Buoy Technician | Funding Available for Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program | Connecting with Pacific Islands Meteorologists

October 2021 – Meet the PacIOOS Team | Governing Council Membership Update | Aloha to New MOA Partner | American Samoa Coral Reef Drivers | Satellite Imagery Services for the Pacific Islands | NOAA Connections: Science, Data and Community | New Representatives on IOOS Advisory Committee | Virtual IOOS Fall Meeting | A Hui Hou, Fiona!

September 2021 – PacIOOS’ New 5-Year Cooperative Agreement with IOOS | Water Quality Monitoring at Keʻehi Lagoon, Oʻahu | American Samoa Wave Buoy Swap | Predictive modeling of Vibrio Vulnificus in the Ala Wai Canal | Ensure an Impactful Predicted Ocean | Interplay of Trade Winds, Airflow, and Cloudiness over Oʻahu | Coral Reef Climate Resilience Workshops for Guam and American Samoa | New Capacity Building Liaison Officer in Pohnpei

August 2021 – Continued Stakeholder Outreach in West Maui | PacIOOS Server Migration Completed | Rainbow Trails around Oʻahu? | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Fellowship | Detecting the Coastal Climate Signal | Coastal Hazards along the North Shore of Oʻahu | Naturalist Par Excellence

July 2021 – Job Opening: Capacity Building Liaison Officer | Funding to Assess Ocean Acidification Vulnerability in Hawaiʻi | Heads Up: Server Downtime in August | Have 5 Minutes to Spare? | Adapt and Respond to Rising Seas | Hawaiʻi Wai Ola Water Quality Monitoring | NOAA Student Programs for Minority Serving Institutions | Apply for Margaret A. Davidson Fellowship | Developing Skills, Knowledge, and Relationships

June 2021 – New Wave Run-up Forecast for West Maui | Watershed Monitoring in Pohnpei | Supporting Aquaculture at Nomilo Fishpond | Redeployment of Two Windward Oʻahu Wave Buoys | Pacific Islands Training Workshop on Ocean Observations and Data Applications | Upcoming King Tide Photo Surveys | Coral Reef Restoration Project in Hawaiʻi | Climate Emergency Educators Workshop | Guam’s Coastal Management in Action

May 2021 – Two Wave Buoys Back in the Water | Water Quality Data Interpretation | Tracking Three New Tiger Shark Ladies | PacIOOS Executive Committee Meeting | Ocean Visions 2021 Summit | Exploring the Ocean from Different Angles

April 2021 – Diving Deep to Inspire the Next Generation | Celebrating 15 Years of Micronesia Challenge | Apply for 2021 Gordon Grau Fellowship | Interview on Hawaiʻi Public Radio | Wave Modeling at Pacific International Training Desk | Atmospheric Modeling Presentations | On Watch: Preventing and Responding to Ocean Emergencies

March 2021 – Waimea Wave Buoy Back on Station | New Tiger Shark Tracking off Oʻahu | Water Quality Data from Maʻalaea Harbor Now Online | Virtual IOOS Spring Meeting Series | With a Spirit of Aloha

February 2021 – Unlearning Racism in Geoscience (URGE) | Hawaiian Monk Seal Tracking Data | UN Ocean Decade Underway | Rappa Fellowship for Sustainable Coastal Development | Informing Watershed Management in West Maui

January 2021 – Now Hiring: PacIOOS Instrumentation Specialist | PacIOOS 5-Year Proposal Submitted to IOOS | Reauthorization of Coordinated Ocean Observations and Research Act | Wave Buoy off Maui Redeployed | X-Large Winter Swell in Hawaiʻi | Identifying Locations of Coral Reef Climate Resilience | New Tsunami Hazard Maps for Agat Coast and Marina, Guam | Forecasting and Communicating Weather and Ocean Conditions in American Samoa

2020 Newsletter

December 2020 – Happy Holidays from PacIOOS

November 2020 – Funding for Wave Buoys in Palau and Marshall Islands | Job Opening Coming Up: PacIOOS Buoy Specialist | Pelekane Water Quality Buoy Redeployed | Radiowave Operators Working Group | NOAA Summer Internship Program | At the Right Angle – Lagoon Surfing in Majuro

October 2020 – PacIOOS Got Re-certified! | 2020 Virtual Governing Council Meeting | Hanalei Wave Buoy Redeployed | Virtual Presentation on Modeling Coastal Dynamics | Lightning Talk at SACNAS Conference | Prepared for the Rescue!

September 2020 – Maunalua Bay Water Quality Data Now Online | Nearshore Sensor Redeployed in Kīhei, Maui | Waimea Wave Buoy Back on Station | Tiger Shark DNA Detected! | Fa’afetai to Partners in American Samoa | Free Disaster Training Courses Offered Online | Congratulations to 20 Years of Service

August 2020 – Monitoring Water Quality at Maʻalaea Harbor, Maui | 20-Year Time Series from Mōkapu Wave Buoy | PacIOOS Wave Buoy Maintenance During COVID-19 | $510K to Assess Future Climate Impacts on Hawaiʻi Fisheries | Action! Please Fill Out Short Survey on Economic Value of PacIOOS | Kauaʻi to Niʻihau Channel Crossing | Analyzing PacIOOS Data for Final Thesis | Northern Mariana Islands Coastal Resilience Assessment | Mahalo, Co-Captain Samantha!

July 2020 – $4.26M in Federal Funding for PacIOOS | Development of New 5-Year Proposal | Data Exploration During Hurricane Season | Help Document Health Progression of Hawaiʻi’s Coral Reefs | Forecasting Wave Inundation for the World’s Largest Atoll

June 2020 – Wave Buoy off Ritidian Point Redeployed | Still Accepting Input for 5-year Proposal | Aloha to New MOA Partner | Updates to NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch Products | Hold Your Breath!

May 2020 – Seeking Your Input: PacIOOS 5-year Proposal | New Comprehensive Ecosystem Model for Hawaiʻi | Fish, Invertebrate, and Benthic Data from Micronesia | University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents Service Award | Kilo Nalu Nearshore Reef Observatory Data | New Dolphin and Whale Sightings Added | The Ocean Enterprise Study 2020 | Wave Hindcasts Inform Harbor Dredging

April 2020 – PacIOOS Provides Critical Data for Transport of Goods | Tiger Sharks as Oceanographers | Mōkapu Wave Buoy Redeployed | Virtual Executive Committee Meeting | Animal Telemetry Network Workshop Report | Ensuring Safe Operations in National Park of American Samoa

March 2020 – PacIOOS Operations During COVID-19 | Help Shape PacIOOS’ Next 5-Year Proposal | How Valuable Are PacIOOS Data to You? | Thanks to Partners: Stranded Wave Buoy Safely Recovered | New Biological Dataset Added to OBIS | Website Map Enhancements | IOOS Spring Meeting in Washington, D.C. | Pacific Risk Management ʻOhana Meeting

February 2020 – New Wave Forecasts for Saipan, Tinian, Aguijan, and Rota | New Wave Height Record Set in American Samoa | Lānaʻi Wave Buoy Redeployed | PacIOOS Participation at Ocean Sciences Meeting | Presentation at Waikiki Swim Club | Congratulations, Dr. Hsiao! | Regional Tsunami Model for Areas in Guam | Finding ʻŌpelu

January 2020 – Building Ocean Observing Capacity in Pohnpei | Monitoring Sediment Run-off in Palau | Hanalei Wave Buoy Back on Station | Large Swell Causing Inundation on Majuro | Making Biological Data Widely Accessible | Updated Maui Water Quality Data in Voyager | Ocean Acidification in the Classroom | Welcome to the PacIOOS ʻOhana!

2019 Newsletter

December 2019 – Happy Holidays from PacIOOS

November 2019 – New Weather Station at Honolulu Harbor Entrance | Wave Forecasting for Marine Operations at Wave Energy Test Site | Heads Up: PacIOOS Server Migration | PacIOOS Governing Council Meeting | Seaglider Workshop in Miami | Regional Data Sharing Network | GIS Day at University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa Campus | Studying Data and Comparing to Local Surf Conditions

October 2019 – Higher Than Normal Ocean Temperatures | Increased Resolution for Tutuila Wave Forecast | Maui Wave Buoy Back on Station | RCUH Outstanding Employee of the Year Recognition | Participate in Hawaiian Koʻa (coral) Card Project! | SOEST Opens Its Doors | Animal Telemetry Network Data Workshop | Understanding Environmental Processes in Hawaiʻi

August & September 2019 – Decadal Ocean Observing Conference Held in Honolulu | U.S. IOOS Kicks Off 20th Anniversary | Data Buoy Cooperation Panel Pacific Islands Training Workshop | New Wave Forecast for Manu’a Islands | Water Quality Monitoring in Maunalua Bay, Oʻahu | Wave Buoy Maintenance off Oʻahu | Citizen Scientists Utilize Coral Color Card to Assess Coral Health | Pacific Waves and Water Levels Project Report | West Hawaiʻi Habitat Focus Area Map Viewer | Modeling Guest Lecture in Guam | Aloha and Iakwe to New MOA Partner | Roger That! Wave Buoys Ground Truth Ocean Conditions

July 2019 – Hands-on Experience in the Marshall Islands | Majuro Wave Buoy Back Online | Hurricane Lane Buoy Casualty Replaced | Interactive Tool for Decision-Making | On the (Coral) Watch! | 30 Years of Undersea Research Data | Input Needed: Ocean Resources Management Plan Update | National Coral Fellowships | Yea or Nay: Know When to Go

June 2019 – Get involved! Citizen Scientists Model Validation in West Maui | Apply Now: PacIOOS Ocean Tech Position | Aloha to New MOA Partners | Student Projects Utilize PacIOOS Data | Natural Variability in Water Clarity at Kewalo Basin | Buoy Swap in American Samoa | OceanObs’19 White Papers Published | Oysters to the Rescue – Improving Water Quality

May 2019 – New Ocean Acidification Monitoring Station in American Samoa | Typhoon Yutu Breakaway Wave Buoy Back on Station | Record-breaking Hanalei Wave Buoy Swapped | Technical Training Workshop in Pohnpei | Coming up soon: PacIOOS Ocean Tech Position | Deep Dive into an Ocean of Data

April 2019 – Surprising Discovery During Recovery | PacIOOS Executive Committee Meeting | Inspiring the Next Generation | Hawaiʻi Waves at Waterpower Week | Progression of Coastal Forecasting | Supporting #MOPportunities

March 2019 – Pelekane Bay Water Quality Buoy Back Online | Evaluation of a Regional Ocean Observing System | Explore King Tides Photo Submissions | Hawaiʻi Surveying & Mapping Conference | Annual IOOS Spring Meeting | Job Opening at NANOOS | Welcome to PacIOOS’ New Operations Coordinator

February 2019 – Winter Storm in Hawaiʻi | Wave Buoy at Hilo Bay Back on Site | OceanObs’19 Conference in Honolulu | A Future Career in Ocean Science | Sharing the Love for Technology & Data | Iakwe and Welcome, Max!

January 2019 – Successful Recovery 800NM Offshore | Measuring Water Quality in Dausokele Estuary, Pohnpei | New Data Archive for Water Quality Sensor Partnership Program | Delving into Infragravity Waves | National Coastal Ecosystem Moorings Workshop Report | 10-Year Reanalysis of Hawaiian Islands Ocean Forecast System | Hands-on Support for PacIOOS Operations

2018 Newsletter

December 2018 – Happy Holidays from PacIOOS

November 2018 – Data Collection of Nearshore Wave Dynamics in West Maui | PacIOOS Governing Council Meeting | Mariana Islands Wave Buoys | 33 Years of Coral Bleaching Monitoring Products | Shift of Storm Tracks + Sea Level Rise = Increased Risk of Coastal Flooding | Larvae, Plankton, and Friends: Biogeochemical Modeling in Kāneʻohe Bay

October 2018 – Seeking Applications for New PacIOOS Operations Coordinator | Super Typhoon Yutu Rages Through Mariana Islands | Follow Me: New Tiger Shark Tracks Available | Kāneʻohe Weather Station Back Online | Modified Mooring at Waimea Wave Buoy | New PacIOOS Governing Council Members | Marine Educators’ Night | Improving Forecasts of Heavy Rainfalls and Island-induced Airflow

September 2018 – Water Quality Sensor in Maunalua Bay | Storm Season in the Pacific | Hanalei Wave Buoy Redeployed, Mokapu Swapped | Hui O Ka Wai Ola Water Quality Data | Modeling Outreach in American Samoa | Aloha to New MOA Partner | Bringing Together the IOOS Cohort | May the Data Force Be with Us

August 2018 – Hurricane Lane Passes Hawaiʻi | All IOOS Regional Networks Now NOAA-certified | Technology and Disaster Reduction | Coastal Processes in Depth | Interventions to Increase the Resilience of Coral Reefs | Exploring Ocean Dynamics Locally and Globally

July 2018 – Continued Funding for PacIOOS | 3rd Pacific Islands Training Workshop on Ocean Observations and Data Applications | What a Trooper! | Pearl Harbor Entrance Wave Buoy Maintenance | Save the Date: King Tide Photo Survey | Generous Industry Support | 25th Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference | Planting the Seeds

June 2018 – Lānaʻi Wave Buoy Now Online | Grant to Enhance Atmospheric and Wave Forecasts | Oʻahu Geospatial Expo | Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Conference | Protect, Preserve, Mālama Kewalo Basin | The Hidden Lives of Sharks | Web and Data Specialist Wanted | A hui hou, Dale!

May 2018 – New Kalaeloa Barbers Point Wave Buoy Deployed | New Ocean Circulation Forecast for Kāneʻohe | Aunu’u Wave Buoy Back Online | Wave Buoy Swap in Saipan | Celebrating Maunalua’s Heritage | Workshop on Hyperspectral Image Analysis | Congrats, Grads!

April 2018 – New Online Archive for PacIOOS Coastal Forecasts | Kāneʻohe Wave Buoy Back on Site | A New Shark to Shadow | Animal Telemetry Network Workshop | Executive Committee Meeting on Maui | Science Olympiad at Stevenson | Island Effects on Weather and Climate

March 2018 – New Pelekane Bay Water Quality Buoy | Waimea Wave Buoy Back Online | Tiger Sharks’ Preferred Habitat | When I grow up, I want to be… | Falling in Love with Science | National Coastal Ecosystem Moorings Workshop | Annual IOOS Spring Meeting | Analyzing Wave Observations

February 2018 – Participate in our Website Survey! | Water Quality Monitoring at Maunalua Bay | Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018 | Partnering with the SMART Ala Wai Project | Understanding Flooding on Reef-lined Island Coastlines | IOOS Strategic Plan Released | Who’s the BOSZ?

January 2018 – Hawaiʻi Sea Level Rise Viewer | New OceanWatch Voyager | PacIOOS Wave Buoy Updates | PacIOOS 5-Year Strategic Framework | Job Opportunity: Ocean and Ecosystem Modeler | Aloha to New MOA Partners: Trilogy Excursions and Surfline/Wavetrak, Inc. | Symposium on West Hawaiʻi’s Marine Ecosystem | AOOS Data Management External Review Committee | Welcome on Board, Shaun!

2017 Newsletter

December 2017 – Happy Holidays from PacIOOS!

November 2017 – PacIOOS 10-Year Anniversary | 10 Years of PacIOOS — 10 Stories from Our Users | PacIOOS Governing Council Meeting | Aloha to the Division of Aquatic Resources | New and Enhanced Data Sets in PacIOOS Voyager | Grant Opportunity: Identification and Application of Acidification Thresholds in Coastal Ecosystems | Bringing Shark and Pelagic Fisheries Research to the Next Level

October 2017 – New Area Statistics Tool on Voyager | Updated Turbidity Plume Forecast | Supporting Coral Reef Conservation at Palmyra Atoll | Kāneʻohe WETS Wave Buoy Redeployed | Making Science Tangible and Fun | Governing Council Hawaiʻi Seats | Monitoring Temperature Spikes in American Samoa | Coastal States Organization Meeting | Coastal Oceanography in Action

September 2017 – Wave Buoy Swap with a Surprise | Water Quality Monitoring in Kewalo Basin | Aloha to The Nature Conservancy | Shipping Support from Young Brothers Ltd. | Fall 2017 IOOS Meeting | Ocean Technology Transition Project Funding | Coastal Data to Inform Communities and Resource Managers

August 2017 – Year 2 Funding for PacIOOS | Welcome to New Governing Council Members | Funding for Micronesia Region | Hawaiian Fishponds Explore DIY Technology | Heʻeia National Estuarine Research Reserve | 2017 Nutrient Sensor Action Challenge | IOOS Deputy Director Vacancy | What Does the Future Hold for the Ocean?

July 2017 – Enhancing Coastal Resilience in West Maui | Refining Forecasts with Local Support | Publication on Land-based Receivers | 24th Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference | IOOS Advisory Committee Seeks New Members | A Hui Hou, Chris Ostrander

June 2017 – New Wave Buoy off Pearl Harbor | Wave Buoy Maintenance | Ocean Tipping Points – Hawaiʻi Case Study | Video Introductions: PacIOOS Inundation Forecasts | Water Quality Monitoring Outreach | Job Opening at SECOORA | Applying Science to Support Coastal Communities

May 2017 – Record High Sea Levels in Hawaiʻi | Enhanced Wave Observation and Forecast Plot | New Tiger Shark Tracks | Ocean Temperature Spikes in American Samoa | Marshall Islands Coastal Management Agent | Studying Circulation Patterns at Pago Bay, Guam | Big Mahalo to our PacIOOS Students

April 2017 – PacIOOS Executive Committee Meeting in Guam | Regional Engagement Meetings | Mauka to Makai Environmental Expo | PacIOOS Voyager Switched Servers | Chain Donation from Young Brothers Ltd. | IOOS Advisory Committee Meeting | Meet PacIOOS’ Data Management Lead

March 2017 – Aunu’u Wave Buoy Back Online | Wave Buoy Maintenance in Kāneʻohe Bay | Coral Reef Recovery at Palmyra Atoll | Partner Engagement on Hawaiʻi Island | Combined IOOS Spring and DMAC Meeting | 15th Annual PRiMO Conference | Collecting Data to Inform Citizens

February 2017 – Dynamic Plots for Combined Wave Observations and Forecast | Higher Resolution Atmospheric Model for the Pacific | Friends of PacIOOS | Additional Receivers to Detect Tagged Sharks | ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting | Career Day at Wilson Elementary | Heʻeia Science to Management Symposium | Hawaiʻi Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation Workshop | Marine Science Enthusiasts Compete in Aloha Bowl | Kommol Tata, Karl!

January 2017 – New Weather Observations for Kāneʻohe Bay and Palau | Waimea Wave Buoy Back Online | Mahalo to our Maui Volunteers | Ocean Data Supports U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue Operations | Engineers and Architects of Hawaiʻi | CeNCOOS Seeks New Director | A Busy Winter Term in Hawaiʻi

2016 Newsletter

December 2016 – Happy Holidays from PacIOOS!

November 2016 – Saipan Wave Buoy Redeployed | PacIOOS Governing Council Meeting | Climate Thresholds for Coastal Management | Partnering with University of Guam EPSCoR | Future Wave and Wind Projections | Building Capacity in American Samoa

October 2016 – PacIOOS Water Quality Sensor Partnership Program | Spawning Aggregation Research | Water Temperature Anomalies | Wave Buoy Redeployments and Swap | Estimated Coral Cover in Hawaiʻi | Chapter Published on PacIOOS Data Management | Gathering of Marine Educators | Science Club Explores Water Quality Monitoring | Coordinating Projects in the Insular Pacific

September 2016 – High Sea Levels in Palau | Wave Buoy Maintenance Underway | IUCN World Conservation Congress | More Dolphin and Whale Tracks Available | 2016 IOOS Fall Meeting | Global Ocean Acidification Portal | Welcome On Board, Emma!

August 2016 – Serving Your Needs: PacIOOS Website and PacIOOS Voyager | New “Kāneʻohe WETS” Wave Buoy | IUCN World Conservation Congress | PacIOOS Governing Council Elections | Sundays at the Bay Outreach Seminars | U.S. IOOS Director Search Open | Unveiling the Secret Lives of Sharks

July 2016 – PacIOOS’ New Look and Feel | Receivers on Top of the Hill | Big Mahalo to Young Brothers, Ltd. | Maile Mentoring Bridge Program | Palau Office of Climate Change | Welcome to the Team, Ryan!

June 2016 – Continued Funding for PacIOOS | PacIOOS Featured in Marine Technology Society Journal | Ritidian Point Wave Buoy Back in the Water | Lunch Time Lecture Series | World Ocean’s Day Celebrations | Data Management and Communications Team Annual Meeting | Call for Action: Citizen Scientists Needed | PacIOOS’ians on the Move

May 2016 – Majuro Wave Buoy Now Back Online | Finding the Needle in a Haystack | Tiger Shark Study Reveals Findings | PI-2: Training Workshop on Ocean Observations and Data Applications | Council on Ocean Resources Meeting | The Next Generation of Tags and Scientists

April 2016 – Maui Wave Buoy Redeployed | 2016 Island Sustainability Conference | PacIOOS Earth Day Community and Student Outreach | Congratulations to ARCS Foundation Award Recipient | PacIOOS Ocean Observation Highlights | 2015 IOOS Report to Congress | Aloha to New Partner RMIPA | Meet our Newest Communications Team Member

March 2016 – Aunu’u Wave Buoy Redeployed | PacIOOS Executive Committee Meeting in Pohnpei, FSM | Partner Engagement in Majuro, RMI | Ocean Sciences Meeting ’16 | U.S. IOOS Annual Spring Meeting | Regional Coastal Resilience | 2016 PRiMO Conference | Increasing Lab and Field Capacity

February 2016 – PacIOOS Ocean Observing and Forecasting Tools in Action | All Hawaiʻi Wave Buoys Back in the Water | PacIOOS Announces New Director | Water Quality Monitoring Efforts on Maui | Paper Published on Surface Current Observations after Tsunami | PacIOOS Presentations to Inform Partners | IOOS Releases Ocean Enterprise Study | Welcome to the Team, Elysse!

January 2016 – Kāneʻohe Wave Buoy Back in the Water | Our GeoServer Has Moved! | Monitoring Sediment Dynamics off Lānaʻi | New Tiger Shark Tracks Available | PacIOOS Student Assistant Position Available | Pacific Anomalies Workshop: Part 2 | A Busy Summer in Hawaiian Waters

2015 Newsletter

December 2015 – Happy Holidays from PacIOOS!

November 2015 – Liquid Robotics Wave Glider Projects Page | New PacIOOS Job Opportunity: Oceanographic Research Instrument Associate | Liquid Robotics’ Aloha ʻAina Wave Glider | Regional El Niño Fact Sheets | IOOS Federal Advisory Meeting | John Maurer: The Original “Mapster”

October 2015 – Surface Currents Mapping Expanded | Wave Buoy Maintenance off Windward Oʻahu | PacIOOS Governing Council Meeting | PacIOOS is Hiring a New Student Assistant | Wave Buoy Fun at SOEST Open House | Teaming Up with Marine Educators | U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System Unveils New Logo | Welcome On Board, Ian!

September 2015 – PacIOOS Wave Buoy Redeployed off Hilo | New Bathymetry Data Sets Available | IOOS Association Fall Meeting | Ocean Observing Systems in Action | Hawaiʻi Climate Change | Heʻeia Ahupuaʻa Science-to-Management | Job Opening: Coastal Community Resilience and Adaptation | On-water Assistance for PacIOOS Assets off Hawaiʻi Island

August 2015 – PacIOOS Certified as ‘Regional Information Coordination Entity’ (RICE) | Fun Classroom Activity Using Voyager | PacIOOS Joins Family Night at the Waikīkī Aquarium | ‘Non-traditional’ Sources of Data | $6M Grant Award for University of Guam Marine Research | Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference in Hilo | Job Opportunities with NOAA in the Pacific | Informing Adaptation to Sea Level Rise | Problem Solving All Day Long: Meet Our Technical Soul

July 2015 – PacIOOS Wave Buoy off Ritidian Point, Guam, Back Online | Improved Tool to Forecast Potential Wave Inundation on Majuro, Marshall Islands | Global Cloud Imagery | New Dolphin and Whale Tracks | Day and Night Indicator | Kapiolani Community College Career Mixer | Aloha to New PacIOOS Partner: National Park of American Samoa | Homeowner’s Handbook to Prepare for Natural Hazards in the Republic of the Marshall Islands | Bringing Real-Time Data to the Classroom

June 2015 – Surface Currents Now Available off Hilo | Forecasting Potential Wave Inundation for Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands | PacIOOS Wave Buoy Redeployed off Saipan, CNMI | Digital Elevation Models Now Available | IOOS Data Management and Communications Meeting | PacIOOS Celebrates World Ocean’s Day | Climate Change Observations Workshop | OZONE – Reef Conservation in Outrigger Resorts’ Global Destinations | Studying Ocean Surface Currents to Improve Search and Rescue Missions

May 2015 – Wave Buoy Maintenance Under Way | U.S. IOOS Advisory Committee Meeting | Animal Telemetry Network Data Assembly Center Launched | Aloha to New PacIOOS Partner! | First Pacific Islands Training Workshop on Ocean Observations and Data Applications | Pacific Anomalies Workshop: Part 1 | Challenge to Visualize Water Quality Data | Meet our Soprano Oceanographer

April 2015 – PacIOOS Executive Committee Meets on Majuro, RMI | PacIOOS Submits Certification Application | 2014-2015 Pacific Anomalies Science and Technology Workshop | Aloha to New PacIOOS Partner! | PacIOOS Joins Mauka to Makai Event | Tiger Shark Tagging Close-up | PacIOOS Water Quality Students

March 2015 – PacIOOS Wave Buoy Redeployed off Hanalei, Kauaʻi | Assessing Water and Environmental Quality in Mamala Bay | Coastlines Layer Added in Voyager | Expanded Underwater Cables Layer | Voyager Now Three Times Faster! | Hafa Adai to New PacIOOS Partner! | Annual IOOS Meeting | Job Opening at the IOOS Association | Introducing our PacIOOS Student Assistants

February 2015 – Help Shape PacIOOS’ Upcoming 5 Years! | Providing Ocean Acidification Monitoring Data | Hilo Wave Buoy Entangled in Gear | Voyager Usability Interface Improvements | Improving Ocean Forecasts | University of Guam Faculty Position Opening: Coastal Oceanography | For a Good Cause | PacIOOS has moved offices – Same building, different floor!

January 2015 – Get a Glimpse of the Deep Sea in Real-Time! | High Resolution Global 1-km Sea Surface Temperature | Three New Biology Related Satellite Datasets | PacIOOS Participates in Holiday Tech Fair | IOOS Pacific Regional Ocean Acidification Data Portal | Meet Melanie: A Professional Shark Researcher Extraordinaire

2014 Newsletter

December 2014 – Listen to our Ocean’s Wildlife in Real-Time! | New Latitude/Longitude Format | Aloha and Yokwe to a New PacIOOS Partner | New IOOS Data Catalog Available | New Ocean Enterprise Report Released | Thanks for the 7.5-day forecast, Ning!

November 2014 – New PacIOOS Waikīkī Ocean Model | PacIOOS Wave Buoy Redeployed off Kāneʻohe, Oʻahu | Sea Level Rise Model Simulations for Hawaiʻi, Saipan, and Guam | Tracking Tiger Shark Movements Around Maui and Oʻahu | Successful Annual IOOS Association Meeting | Quality Assurance of Real Time Ocean Data (QARTOD) Updates | Working Hard to Make Sure You Get Your Wave Data!

October 2014 – New PacIOOS Wave Buoy Deployed in American Samoa | PacIOOS Wave Buoy Back in the Water off Lānaʻi | Wave Run-Up Forecast Predicts Inundation Event in Majuro | New Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Wave Model | Wave Glider Tracks Impacts of Tropical Storm Ana | PacIOOS Near Shore Sensors Record Impacts of Ana | 2014 Governing Council Meeting | A Hui Hou To Heather Kerkering

September 2014 – Super-Categories in PacIOOS Voyager | PacIOOS Hilo Wave Buoy Re-deployed | PacIOOS Water Quality Data Featured in Oceanography | PacIOOS Shares Monitoring Methods with Hawaiʻi Fishpond Caretakers | New PacIOOS Projects Page: Sea Level Rise Inundation Risk for Honolulu | PacIOOS People Fiona Langenberger and Melissa Iwamoto

August 2014 – PacIOOS Water Quality Sensors Deployed in Kīhei and Kahului, Maui | NOAA National Ocean Service (NOS) Features PacIOOS Tiger Shark Tracking | Hilo Water Quality Buoy Collects Data During Tropical Storm Iselle | Wave Glider “Aʻa” and Tropical Storm Iselle | Aloha to a New PacIOOS Partner | PacIOOS Welcomes New Governing Council Members | PacIOOS Tiger Shark Tracking Highlighted at the Turtle Bay Biathlon | Generating Ocean Forecasts for Hawaiʻi’s Communities

July 2014 – New PacIOOS Six-Day High Sea Level Forecasts for Malakal, Palau | PacIOOS ‘Kalo’ Majuro Wave Buoy Back in the Water! | PacIOOS Data Sets Now Searchable! | Majuro Water Quality Sensor Back in the Water | Ocean Acidification Data Now Available in PacIOOS Voyager | PacIOOS Welcomes New Governing Council Members | Aloha to a New PacIOOS Partner | Maintaining Six-Day High Sea Level Forecasts throughout the Pacific | Forecasting Surge Currents in Haleʻiwa Harbor, Oʻahu

June 2014 – New PacIOOS Ala Wai Turbidity Plume Model | PacIOOS Voyager Is Now Searchable! | PacIOOS Celebrated World Ocean Month on Oʻahu | PacIOOS Receives $2.27 Million in Federal Funding | New Parameters for Quality Assurance of Real-Time Water Level Data | Process Set up to Certify IOOS® Regional Information Coordination | Aloha to New PacIOOS Partner: Kampachi Farms, LLC. | Collecting Near Real-Time Water Quality Data throughout the Pacific

May 2014 – New PacIOOS High Sea Level Forecast for Apra Harbor, Guam | Maui Wave Buoy Back Up and Running | Lānaʻi Wave Buoy Successfully ‘Swapped’ | Near Real-Time USGS Rain and Stream Gauges | New Ocean Glider Visualizations | PacIOOS Welcomes New Partners: Northern Marianas College and the Waikīkī Aquarium | PacIOOS Students Successfully Defend Their Master Theses

April 2014 – PacIOOS Ipan Wave Buoy Re-deployed | Hawaiʻi Whale Tracking Expanded in PacIOOS Voyager | Maui Citizen Science Coastal Water Quality Data Now in PacIOOS Voyager | Celebrating 50 Years with HaSTA | Educating Youth at Earth Day Celebration | Showcasing STEM Careers at Technology Fun Fair | PacIOOS Student Assistant selected as Finalist for Student Employee of the Year Award

March 2014 – Partners Assist PacIOOS Wave Buoy Program | Happy 110th Birthday to the Waikīkī Aquarium | 2014 IOOS Association Meeting | PacIOOS Voyager at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014 | Aloha to a New PacIOOS Partner: Pohnpei NOAA Weather Station | Follow PacIOOS on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

February 2014 – New PacIOOS Regional Ocean Model for Samoa | 14 Near Real-Time Tiger Shark Tracks Now on PacIOOS Website | Voyager Mobile Now Available in the iTunes App Store | PacIOOS Assists Field Tests of Prototype Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Analyzer off Oʻahu | PacIOOS Researchers Testing and Evaluating New Technologies to Quantify the Carbon Cycle | PacIOOS Contributes to the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

January 2014 – PacIOOS Supports Community-Based Resource Management Effort on Lānaʻi | New PacIOOS Water Quality Sensor Deployed in Wailupe, Oʻahu | New PacIOOS Water Quality Sensor Deployed in Kahului, Maui | New Map Styles in PacIOOS Voyager | Measurement Tools Now Saved in URL to Save Map in PacIOOS Voyager

2013 Newsletter

December 2013 – Dolphin and Whale Sightings in PacIOOS Voyager | New Map Utilities in PacIOOS Voyager Mobile | Tsunami and Flood Zones in Voyager Mobile | PacIOOS Welcomes a New Partner

November 2013 – New PacIOOS Hawaiʻi Tiger Shark Tracking Page! | American Samoa Water Quality Sensor Reporting Data in Near-Real-Time | Mokapu Wave Buoy Re-Deployed | Updated Hawaiʻi Flood Hazard Zones on PacIOOS Voyager | Update of the Aʻa Ocean Glider | IOOS Association Meeting

October 2013 – New PacIOOS Wave Buoy deployed off North Shore of Kauaʻi | Tracking Marine Life on Voyager | New PacIOOS Atmospheric Model for Samoa | New PacIOOS Ocean Models for Western Pacific and Mariana Islands | Ocean Glider Data in Hawaiʻi | PacIOOS Congratulates SOEST on 25 years of Excellence and Innovation | Bringing Ocean Data into Classrooms

September 2013 – Introducing PacIOOS Voyager Mobile! | PacIOOS serves data on Radionuclide Levels around Hawaiʻi following Fukushima Accident | NOAA Report on Waiʻanae Ordnance Reef Study in Hawaiʻi now available on PacIOOS website | U.S. IOOS Summit Report

August 2013 – PacIOOS Governing Council Convened in Guam, PacIOOS Meetings with Partners in Guam and Palau | PacIOOS Welcomes Two New Partners | PacIOOS Wave Buoys Re-deployed in Ipan, Guam and Lānaʻi | PacIOOS Voyager Improvements to “Beach Safety” Layer | IOOS QARTOD Publishes Quality Control Procedures Manuals for Waves and Currents

July 2013 – PacIOOS Harbor Surge Forecast for Haleʻiwa Harbor | PacIOOS Water Quality Pages Display Real-Time and Archive Data | PacIOOS Coverage of Real-Time Surface Currents Extended | NOAA Benthic Habitat Layers for Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Now in PacIOOS | Upcoming PacIOOS Webinar | PacIOOS Celebrates Sustainability and Effective Coral Reef Management | PacIOOS Welcomes New Partner

June 2013 – PacIOOS Voyager Upgrade – High Resolution Atmospheric Models now Available for Guam | NOAA Benthic Habitat Layers for Insular Pacific Now in PacIOOS Voyager | PacIOOS Receives $2.35 Million in Federal Funding | PacIOOS Travels across the Region | PacIOOS Celebrates Earth Day and World Oceans Day | PacIOOS Welcomes Four New Partners | IOOS Federal Advisory Committee Releases Vision for IOOS

May 2013 – New Data Overlays in PacIOOS Voyager | Hawaiʻi Beach Water Quality Monitoring | Hawaiʻi Beach Safety | Spatial Distribution of Tagged Tiger Sharks | Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity | Spatial Distribution of Coral Reefs

April 2013 – New Data Overlays in PacIOOS Voyager | AVISO Satellite Merged Altimetry | High Sea Level and Wave Run-Up Forecasts | Samoa Wave Models | Global Ship Traffic | PacIOOS Voyager Save Image Button and Time Zone Support

January 2013 – Upcoming PacIOOS Webinar on Coastal Hazards Data, Tools, and Forecasts on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 2:00PM (HST) | PacIOOS Strategic Operational Plan | New Wave Buoy Pages on PacIOOS Website | What’s New in PacIOOS Voyager | U.S. IOOS Summit Declaration | PacIOOS Seeking Data Associate

2012 Newsletter

December 2012 – IOOS Summit 2012 | Job Opportunity with PacIOOS | New and Extended Monthly Satellite Climatologies Now Available in PacIOOS Voyager | Recording of Voyager Webinar Available Online

November 2012 – Upcoming Webinar with live demonstration of PacIOOS Voyager on Monday, November 19, 2012 at 2:00pm (HST) | New Wave Buoys Deployed in Guam, Saipan, and Kāneʻohe Bay | PacIOOS Governing Council Convened in Honolulu | PacIOOS Welcomes Two New Partners | PacIOOS Welcomes New Director

October 2012 – New dynamic mapping platform named “Voyager” now available online from PacIOOS

August 2012 – PacIOOS Wave Buoys Lead NDBC Data Requests | Introduction to PacIOOS Data Servers | PacIOOS Releases Technical Report on High Water Level Forecasting | Predict Particle Drift in Hawaiian Waters with PacIOOS Tool | PacIOOS Welcomes Three New Partners

June 2012 – New Operational Wave Models Released for Mariana Islands | PacIOOS Receives $2.48 Million in Federal Funding | IOOS Summit Being Held to Vision the Next Decade of Ocean Observing | PacIOOS Welcomes the University of Guam Sea Grant Program as a PacIOOS Partner

April 2012 – New Ways to Track Real-Time Water Level across the Globe | New PacIOOS Wave Buoy Deployed off Hilo | Real-Time Data from Wave Buoys easily accessible in PacIOOS Data Explorer | PacIOOS Welcomes the Pacific Marine Resources Institute as New Partner

February 2012 – New High Water Level Forecast Tools Released on | PacIOOS Governing Council Convened in Guam | New PacIOOS Wave Buoy Deployed | The Pacific GIS Catalog and Data Explorer | PacIOOS Workshop at Upcoming 2012 Hawaiʻi Pacific GIS Conference | New PacIOOS Metadata Outlet now Available

2011 Newsletter

November 2011 – IOOS Certification | New PacIOOS Partner | Depth Plots in Model Overlays | Seafloor Infrastructure in PacIOOS Data System | New PacIOOS Wave Buoys

September 2011 – PacIOOS/ICON Station Installed in Saipan | Additional Automated Identification System (AIS) Data in Map Viewer | Satellite and Model Time-Series Plots now in PacIOOS Map Viewer | PacIOOS Featured on Hawaiʻi Public Radio | 3rd Maui Water Quality Monitoring Sensor to be Added

August 2011 – Draft Strategic Priorities Plan | New PacIOOS Partners | Satellite Data Overlays now in PacIOOS Map Viewer | Monk Seal Tracks Available in PacIOOS Map Viewer | Maui Water Quality Monitoring

July 2011 – Observing System Implementation Plans | New PacIOOS Partner | Numerical Model Overlays now in PacIOOS Map Viewer | New Observing Platform Installed in Maunalua Bay, Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi | The Importance of the Ocean to Pacific Island Communities

June 2011 – National Ocean Council Listening Sessions | New PacIOOS Partners | Maui Water Quality Monitoring | Hawaiʻi Maritime Information System | MARACOOS Seeks Executive Director

March 2011 – New PacIOOS Website Launched! | Japanese Tsunami Visible Across the Pacific | PacIOOS Seeks Future Funding | Integrated Coral Observing Network Station in Laolao Bay, CNMI | Acoustic Tracking of Sharks in Palau | City and County of Honolulu Partnership | PacIOOS Governing Council Meeting

2010 Newsletter

December 2010 – Nutrient Sensors Added to Buoys | New Sensors at Kalaeloa Harbor | Flood Prediction Available for Honolulu Harbor | New Visualizations of Ocean Forecasts Available | Beach Safety Product | PacIOOS Fact Sheets Now Available | Ocean Observing Initiative Cyberinfrastructure Program and IOOS Intersection Project Meeting

September 2010 – PacIOOS Governing Council Established | PacIOOS 5-yr plan submitted to NOAA | Water Quality Sensors Deployed in Pacific Islands | High Frequency Radio Installation on Oʻahu | The Hawaiʻi Data Viewer | Water Quality Conditions Map Online | National IOOS Data Catalog Available Online