Job Opportunity: PacIOOS Operations Coordinator

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Job Opportunity: PacIOOS Operations Coordinator

Seize the unique opportunity to join our small but dedicated and innovative team

The PacIOOS Operations Coordinator is a new full-time, exciting position responsible for the coordination and management of our day-to-day operations in order to achieve our vision as detailed in the PacIOOS 5-year Strategic Framework. Our stakeholders rely on PacIOOS to provide timely, reliable, and accurate ocean data and information to support their decision-making. This position will work with the program management and all of the program components to update and maintain the PacIOOS Operational Plan and Build-out Plan, and provide field and technical support as needed. The Operations Coordinator will also develop initiatives to increase capacity for ocean observing in the region and identify and implement new opportunities to expand the ability of the program to address stakeholder needs.

Upcoming initiatives for this position will include revising the PacIOOS Operational Plan; developing new capacity building workshops throughout the region; and managing the day-to-day operations of the program.

We are looking for a self-motivated, detail-oriented, flexible, adaptive problem-solver with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Experience working with oceanographic instrumentation and the ability to work effectively with both technical and non-technical colleagues are also important. Salary is commensurate with experience.

At the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS) we believe that coastal and ocean information helps save lives and protects livelihoods and resources. Our mission is to empower ocean users and stakeholders throughout the Pacific Islands by providing accurate and reliable coastal and ocean information, tools, and services that are easy to access and use.

Based within the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, PacIOOS is one of 11 regional associations of the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS®). Check out our website at to learn more about our program and the data, tools, and services we provide.

You will love this job at PacIOOS because:

  • You will be making a difference in the lives of people in Hawaiʻi and across the Pacific.
  • You will engage with an extremely diverse group of people and cultures. (Yes, this means travel to awesome locations within the western and south Pacific!)
  • You will be encouraged to be creative and innovative in how you succeed and meet PacIOOS program goals and objectives.
  • You will be part of an awesome team of talented and capable technicians, scientists, students, and programmers.
  • You will have the opportunity to grow in this position and to take on additional responsibilities as you excel and learn about program operations and goals.
  • You will have flexible work hours in a relaxed and friendly work environment.
  • You will always have a new challenge to address. Ocean observing is extremely dynamic!

Benefits and Perks

Although the RCUH application paperwork is admittedly time-consuming, please don’t let this dissuade you from applying to PacIOOS! Once you get past that stage, it is great to be an employee in the RCUH system. Here are some teasers:

  • 21 vacation days every year and 21 sick days every year.
  • Stellar retirement plan through TIAA-CREF, a 403(b) plan. RCUH contributes 10% of compensation once you meet eligibility requirements (1 year of service with RCUH), even if you contribute nothing!
  • UH/RCUH faculty/staff ID card with associated benefits on UH Manoa campus.

Here is why one employee loves working at PacIOOS:

“I love how much PacIOOS and its employees care about the ocean and are committed to ocean observations. Staff are constantly trying to improve and expand on what we offer to support every-day decision-making for our users. It never gets old working at PacIOOS since it’s such a diverse program and team. No matter the field or specialty, whether programming, instrument technology, modeling, community outreach, or research, it’s a great and innovative team that supports each other and pushes the envelop to make a difference.”


To view the full job description, including details on Major Duties, Primary and Secondary Qualifications, and to apply online, please visit Or visit the RCUH website (, click on Job Postings, and enter job ID#18568.

CLOSING DATE: November 21, 2018. We look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions about the position or PacIOOS in general, please contact Melissa Iwamoto at (808) 956-6556 or

Download the job announcement.

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Did you know?

PacIOOS is the first regional association that was certified as a Regional Information Coordination Entity (RICE) by the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS). Certification provides NOAA and its interagency partners a means to verify that a regional association’s organizational and operational practices, including data management, meet recognized and established standards set by NOAA.