Measurement Tools Now Saved In URL

Measurement Tools Now Saved In URL

When clicking on Voyager’s “link” or “save image” buttons to save your existing map settings and overlays, all measurement tools displayed in the map are now preserved as well. This includes the following utilties, all of which are accessible in the lower left-hand corner of Voyager: lat/lon grid (“graticule”), range rings (distance from a center point), distance between two points, and area. While these tools have been available in Voyager for quite some time, historically you could not save them in a URL. Now users can easily save and/or share a link to refer to their selected map measurements. In addition, Voyager will record the units of measure in use (e.g. kilometers, nautical miles, acres, etc.) if you change them from the default settings.

Voyager screenshot of measurement tools around Oʻahu (click image for live example; click here for larger image):

Voyager Screenshot

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