High Sea Level Forecasts

Forecasts of water level inundation (slow flooding of the land) due to the combined effects of tides, winds, and ocean currents provide advance notice of the potential for high sea level at harbor locations throughout the Pacific islands. Click on a location for a plot of observed and predicted sea level. These forecasts can alert locations up to six days in advance if the sea level will be at or above a pre-determined threshold of extreme sea level height (red line). When this threshold is exceeded, flooding at the lowest lying land is expected.

caution: These forecasts are experimental and no promise of accuracy is implied; especially, the forecast is explicitly not accurate when either a tsunami, tropical storm, or hurricane warning is in effect. In these latter cases, see either tsunamis or tropical storms/hurricanes.

source: http://pacioos.org/shoreline-category/highsea/


note: See also "observations tide and water level" above for near real-time observations of global sea levels.