New Dolphin and Whale Tracks

New Dolphin and Whale Tracks

Robin Baird of Cascadia Research Collective (CRC) has provided PacIOOS with new satellite tracking data of tagged Hawaiian dolphins and whales from 2006-2012, including bottlenose dolphins (4 tracks: TtTag002-005), rough-toothed dolphins (7 tracks: SbTag001-007), false killer whales (5 tracks: PcTag032-036), pygmy killer whales (3 tracks: FaTag005-007), Blainville’s beaked whales (2 tracks: MdTag011-012), and short-finned pilot whales (57 tracks: GmTag004-064). These can now be viewed and animated in Voyager. Dolphin and pilot whale tracks are available in Voyager for the first time, while the other species add new tracks to their existing collections. Look for them under “fish and wildlife” in the “tracking” and “distributions” categories. This supplements the extensive CRC sightings data (direct human observations of species locations) already accessible through Voyager.

Voyager screenshot of short-finned pilot whale track GmTag029 April 29 to June 7, 2009:

Voyager Screenshot

Founded in 1979 to conduct research needed to manage and protect threatened marine mammals, CRC has been undertaking surveys for odontocetes and other cetaceans in Hawaiian waters since 2000. For further information, please visit:

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