Outreach Materials

PacIOOS offers a wide range of outreach materials and resources for the Pacific Islands region. Check out our brochures, fact sheets, videos and other useful resources!

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Voyager Lesson Plan

PacIOOS Voyager offers a wealth of data and information! The Voyager Lesson Plan provides students and teachers with guiding questions to explore data sets, and to  identify ocean observation and forecasting data that is relevant for our daily lives as Pacific Islanders.

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Regional Information

Learn about the diverse Pacific Islands region and explore island history, geography, population statistics, geology, and more!

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Ocean Atlas of Hawai‘i

Interested to learn more about Hawai‘i’s unique marine environment? Check out the Ocean Atlas of Hawai‘i to find information about currents, temperature, waves, and more!

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Ocean Glossary

Too much ocean jargon and slang? Check out the Ocean Glossary if you are looking for a clarifying answer. Short descriptions of a wide variety of oceanographic terms (and related fields) are provided.

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