Data Services : Data Management Support

The PacIOOS Data Team focuses on the management, service, and delivery of PacIOOS-related data. In order to address the needs of our diverse stakeholders, PacIOOS offers a wide range of data tools, products, and services to share, visualize, download, and integrate data holdings.

Additionally, PacIOOS also serves as a repository for ocean and coastal project data collected by researchers, NGOs, community groups, and partners throughout the Pacific Islands region. As a Regional Information Coordination Entity (RICE), PacIOOS is committed to help advance regional ocean knowledge through open information exchange and easy access.

Data Service Support

PacIOOS offers project managers, researchers, and principal investigators assistance to meet their data repository needs for ocean and coastal projects in the Pacific Islands region. Life-cycle data management and accessibility is often a critical requirement for federal grants. PacIOOS has the capacity to store vast quantities of data in server archives at minimal cost, and the expertise to ensure standardized data access. Furthermore, data housed within PacIOOS may be integrated into PacIOOS’ mapping platform “Voyager”, or a customized data viewer, depending on the need and complexity of the project. Considering the wealth of coastal and ocean information that PacIOOS is already serving, new data or projects can be integrated and overlayed with other existing data sets, allowing for a more robust end product.

Project Data Requirements

Please contact us for more information on the PacIOOS data services, including our fee structure. Project specific details, such as overall organization of content, data ingestion, and visualization needs will be discussed in detail with the project manager. In order to best serve you, PacIOOS prefers the data files to be shared in NetCDF, GeoTIFF, Shapefile, JSON, or other machine-parseable formats like plain text (CSV, TSV) or XML, assuming the data are not already served via OPeNDAP or OGC web services.

Data Interoperability

Plug-and-play with PacIOOS data in your chosen software or programming language using standardized web services protocols like OPeNDAP, Web Map Service (WMS), NetCDF Subset Service (NCSS), and other open access methods. Please contact us at if you have any questions!